Forex Stock Market Part 4

We put on a sell!

In mutual funds, there is a group of traders who always play sell. Often, bears do not bring any income to the fund, but during the collapse of the market, they compensate for the huge losses. These speculators are looking for a “defense gap” in a particular company and put it on the collapse of stocks. During a falling market, such specialists are indispensable. However, they are also needed during a bull market, because even then bear market phases appear.

It is not advisable for an average trader to play lower if the market is growing. It is much more reasonable to take a bullish position in a growing market, and a bearish one in a falling market.

If you are melancholic, then you need to know about your character, not to panic and not to put all transactions on the sell. It is necessary to find the right approach and objectively assess the situation. If you are a mutual fund manager, then you need to identify pessimists among traders and invite them to find another job. There are many people in the world who believe that everything will collapse soon. From such speculators only harm. If you are prone to melancholy and mood swings, then work on yourself.

Fear Bear Markets!

If you look at the stock charts of the year and think that it was easy to get rich there, then you are mistaken. The falling stock market is very difficult due to a tick up. The bull market is relatively simple – it is growing with small price rebounds. And the falling market is making huge pullbacks, and it is very difficult to resist without losses at this time.

If you stand in a bear market without loss, your name will be carved in gold letters on Wall Street. At least that’s what stock speculators joke about. And, of course, you will certainly get rich in the new bull stock market. But then you can not overload the account and act at random.

And the markets are getting old

No matter how long the bull market lasts, the time will come for a recession, and perhaps a global crisis. The higher the stock charts rise, the greater the fall and panic. Crises happen about once every 5-10 years. But it may also happen that in 15 years there will not be a single serious crisis. And yet: markets are aging. Typically, a crisis begins when hydrocarbons are very expensive. In 2007, oil prices rose above $ 146 per barrel. Many experts said that a crisis is imminent. True, not everyone listened to them. However, there are a lot of bells and whistles when someone unreasonably panics and talks about the coming end of the world. Now oil is in the middle of its range. Although, not necessarily a crisis should begin due to the high price of oil. It can crush the market and the banking sector, which distributes loans left and right, and then can’t get the money back. The high cost of shares of Internet companies at one time also damaged the stock market, which collapsed.

Case study: McDonald’s or Boeing?

Securities price in January 2018: McDonald’s – $ 173, and Boeing – $ 317. What stocks to trade and which ones are better to buy? The practice has shown that during the 2008 crisis, McDonald’s shares did not fall as actively as Boeing shares. It follows that the probability of repeating the previous scenario is high. Boeing shares are now quite expensive.

The paradox of the stock market lies in the fact that the expensive one rises in price even higher, and the cheap one decreases in price.

Of course, this does not always happen. Stocks that have risen too high above the price base are dangerous to buy.

It is better for a trader to buy not one share, but several, and then buy more and more as the price rises. In this case, one must not forget to put stop orders at the break-even level.

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