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After reading this article, you can read forex stock quotes, find out where to trade stocks, how to choose a timeframe for trading Forex stocks, why bear markets are dangerous.

In the stock market, CFDs for shares (hereinafter referred to as shares) are traded not only by professional speculators but also amateur traders who wish to succeed financially. If a professional knows the methodology for selecting stocks for trading, then a novice speculator needs help. What is forex stock in general? These are the so-called blue chips, securities of top corporations that are traded on exchanges. Margin trading allows you to earn on their growth or fall without actual ownership, while the holders of contracts for price differences do not receive dividends, but they are charged with the so-called dividend adjustment or adjustment. It is credited to the trading account only if there are open transactions on the day the dividend is accrued. Well, let’s try.

Where to trade stocks?

Looking for where to trade stocks online? First, you need to choose a broker who will serve us as an intermediary in entering the stock market. There are a lot of offers on the market. I described the topic of choosing a broker in great detail in this article. Stocks traded on the forex market are also represented in large numbers by brokers.

How to trade stocks?

We are not going to actually buy stocks, we are going to make money on the difference in the price of a security that arises over a period of time. That is, we open a speculative transaction to buy or sell. If we think that the price of the stock will rise, we open a deal to buy, if it falls, then to sell. In margin trading in stocks on the stock exchange, we have more options to earn, so we can make a profit both in a growing market and in a falling one. Let’s take a look at forex stock quotes and select the stocks that we are going to try to trade with and look at their chart.

Timeframe selection and start in trading

Stock speculation within the day provides only a basic analysis. The larger the timeframe, the more thorough the analysis of the corporation and the industry in which it is located should be. It is also necessary to evaluate the liquidity of the shares, which is determined by the volume of trading. You need to look at the movement of the stock for several months, or even several years. It’s better to choose stocks of the company whose activities you are familiar with. It is better not to consider risky securities, this is a lot of professionals. Try to open a chart for any of the tools and see how it changes; for example, I opened a chart of stock quotes FB (Facebook).

The choice of timeframe is an extremely extensive topic, and if I go deeper there, I get another article 🙂 Therefore, I highly recommend that you study the great analysis of my colleague on the forex blog – Timeframe forex chart: the key to all doors.

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