Overview of cryptocurrency applications for iOS and Android

Cryptocurrency applications for iOS and Android: functionality, advantages, types. Overview of the best cryptocurrency apps for iOS and Android

Tell me, could you imagine the present life without a computer and gadgets? Life has become so active and diverse that without a mobile device you cannot take a single step. Tablets, smartphones are our reliable helpers, wherever we are. Thanks to them, we are always up to date with the news, we are always in touch and can earn money or learn something almost anywhere in the world where there is the Internet. But for any gadget, you need applications that would be the link between the user and the operating system. In this review, you will read about the best cryptocurrency applications for iOS and Android: their types, capabilities, advantages and the rules for working with them.

Overview of iOS and Android applications for cryptocurrencies

Our world has become so high-tech that we can hardly imagine it without our indispensable electronic digital assistants. Looking up from a stationary computer, we take with us tablets, smartphones, e-books – everything that will be useful to us on the road, in moments of expectation or on vacation. Mobile devices help us to be in touch all the time, even where there is no electricity, to monitor the current situation, read news and even earn money. And even if there is no Internet, mobile devices can serve as a reliable safe for storing information and more. In today’s review, you will learn about what cryptocurrency applications are for iOS and Android mobile operating systems, what functions, tasks, and capabilities they have.

Best cryptocurrency apps for iOS and Android

Cryptocurrency applications for iOS and Android are programs designed specifically for these operating systems, taking into account the convenience of the interface, menu, usability, cross-browser compatibility, adaptability. They can also be installed on stationary computers if this is provided for by their functionality. They can perform various tasks, ranging from specific (specialized) to full-featured versions of individual programs.

Features and functionality of cryptocurrency applications for iOS and Android:

  • Conducting fully functional trading. This opportunity is provided by mobile applications of cryptocurrency exchanges (for example, Binance, Bitfinex) or brokers (for example, LiteForex). Compared to direct trading on the exchange from a desktop computer, some functions may be limited. But the existing set is enough for buying and selling coins, depositing and withdrawing money.
  • Acting as a classic pocket exchanger.
  • Monitoring the cryptocurrency portfolio: tracking cryptocurrency rate changes in iOS and Android, tracking the rates of one cryptocurrency simultaneously on different exchanges, viewing the history of changes, monitoring statistics and news. That is, the role of an analytical tool.
  • Adaptation of the device OS to the functionality of exchanges. Only large exchanges have mobile applications for trading (and not all of them). There are applications that allow you to connect through the API and execute transactions. An example of such an Android application is ZTrader, which supports trading on 17 leading cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Cryptocurrency storage. Cold wallets are mobile apps. They are considered one of the most reliable storage options after hardware counterparts. Some applications allow not only storing coins but also making payments for goods and services with their help.
  • Data protection.

Some applications are designed to perform only a few specific functions. For example, informing the investor about places where they accept cryptocurrency or an application that acts as a social network. Applications for buying cryptocurrencies on iOS and Android act as a link between the user and services (exchanges). Supporting applications are designed more for comfort and practical benefit than for trading and investing. The best applications for cryptocurrencies iOS and Android:

  • Coinbase ( iOS, Android ). One of the most popular services for trading Bitcoin, which was developed by the exchange of the same name. Only 3 coins are available for trading: BTC, ETH, and LTC. According to the developers, the application has even more diverse functionality than the exchange. It is possible to purchase cryptocurrency by credit card payments or by bank transfer (ACH, SWIFT, SEPA, PayPal cards).
  • LiteForex mobile trading ( iOS, Android ). A broker application that enables margin trading (speculative buying or selling) for more than 20 cryptocurrency pairs. Of the broker’s mobile applications, this is what has the largest set of cryptocurrencies for trading. Convenient deposits and profit withdrawals, clear functionality for trading, support in many languages. You can always start with a demo account.
  • Blockfolio ( iOS, Android ). A professional application for monitoring an investment portfolio consisting of many cryptocurrencies. It will be useful to those who work on arbitrage strategies while earning money on pumps and intraday trading. Here you can do tracking of the course of about 800 cryptocurrencies in iOS and Android, form the value of the user’s current assets. The arsenal of the application has powerful analytical and graphical tools to help monitor the dynamics of quotes. It is possible to program the service to collect news in the form of a convenient selection from specific sources.
  • Coin Tracking ( iOS, Android ). A serious professional analytical tool that allows you to create complex investment portfolio charts, allows you to calculate realized and unrealized profits, calculate the tax base (unless, of course, someone wants to be conscious and share profits with the state). Subscription required.
  • TabTrader ( iOS, Android ). A free trading platform that provides access to sites such as Bitfinex, Bittrex, Huobi, Bitstamp, Huobi, Kraken, Coinbase. There are relatively few cryptocurrencies in the arsenal – only top coins, as well as Namecoin and Stellar. It is possible to receive online news from Reddit, Coindesk.
  • Bitcoin Map ( Android ). This application tells the user where to sell or buy goods for the PTS. It is an interactive map with a list of outlets with a built-in converter (calculator).
  • Bitcoin Ticker Widget ( iOS, Android ). An application for the cryptocurrency course for iOS and Android, which involves the creation of widgets in different styles (multiple widgets can be installed depending on the number of coins). It is a regular exchanger that supports several dozen cryptocurrencies, but convenient for the user in terms of visual presentation of information.
  • Xapo ( iOS, Android ). A multi-currency mobile wallet that allows you to conduct exchange operations with cryptocurrency. It features convenience and a high level of security, has its own debit card, which allows you to pay for purchases in stores and the Internet, withdraw money from ATMs around the world.
  • BitBuds Mingle ( Android ). This is a kind of social network for those who specialize in trading specifically military-technical cooperation. It is a multifunctional platform where you can not only communicate and create themes but also upload photos, share files.
  • Lawnmower ( iOS, Android ). Analytical service for viewing statistical charts, market data, news. There is an opportunity to invest money. Despite the fact that the application is criticized, it will be interesting to those who are just starting to deal with the application and cryptocurrencies.
  • Earn. com ( iOS, Android ). An application that is an analog of cranes. Here you need to be a professional in the field of cryptocurrencies and answer questions. There is not much money to earn here, but as an option for a vacation, it’s quite even. You can withdraw money only in the MTC through a Bitcoin wallet or through the Coinbase exchange.

And a few words about the rules for using cryptocurrency applications for iOS and Android:

  1. Safety comes first! Don’t forget about two-factor authentication to protect wallets for iOS and Android. Do not write passwords on the device itself, as it can be lost or cracked. But keep in mind that in the event of a password loss, it is not always possible to recover it even with a Seed phrase. In addition to the password, set the fingerprint recognition of the owner.
  2. Consider the ability to remotely remove all information from applications.
  3. Be careful when downloading and installing iOS and Android cryptocurrency applications from unverified sources. It is better to use applications recommended by startup developers (indicated on some sites). Do not open unfamiliar links and files to avoid hacking application accounts with a virus or phishing.
  4. Do not neglect antiviruses. Not so long ago, the Cooee application was discovered in the Google Play Store, which is a game with the built-in JSMiner virus. When the application starts, the Monero hidden mining process is automatically started. Antivirus software options: Avast Mobile Security, KIS.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a cryptocurrency wallet security process for iOS or Android, which involves the need to provide two types of authentication for entering an account. Security levels – a personal password and a unique code generated by the application. A six-digit code is generated every 20 seconds. Therefore, even after gaining access to it, an attacker simply will not have time to use it without access to a mobile device. Therefore, protect your wallet and trade Forex from your phone in any place convenient for you.

Types of applications for securing your account using 2FA:

  • Google Authenticator ( iOS, Android ). A standard application that is installed first of all, if there is a cryptocurrency wallet binding to the phone. The generation of codes does not require an Internet connection, the application supports several operators and accounts. It can be automatically configured using a QR code (need a camera).
  • Authy ( iOS, Android ). An improved version for two-factor authentication, but so far, has less distribution than Google Authenticator.


This is not the whole list of existing mobile applications for cryptocurrencies for iOS and Android. Developers do not stand still, offering traders every month something new, unique and even more convenient. And let the world of mobile devices and applications never replace full-fledged stock trading or Forex trading, smartphones, tablets and other devices of this class are reliable assistants to a professional investor anywhere in the world. If you know and use other interesting applications for cryptocurrency trading on iOS or Android, share your experience with blog readers in the comments.

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