Forex Stock Market

After reading this article, you can read forex stock quotes, find out where to trade stocks, how to choose a timeframe for trading Forex stocks, why bear markets are dangerous.

In the stock market, CFDs for shares (hereinafter referred to as shares) are traded not only by professional speculators but also amateur traders who wish to succeed financially. If a professional knows the methodology for selecting stocks for trading, then a novice speculator needs help. What is forex stock in general? These are the so-called blue chips, securities of top corporations that are traded on exchanges. Margin trading allows you to earn on their growth or fall without actual ownership, while the holders of contracts for price differences do not receive dividends, but they are charged with the so-called dividend adjustment or adjustment. It is credited to the trading account only if there are open transactions on the day the dividend is accrued. Well, let’s try.

Where to trade stocks?

Looking for where to trade stocks online? First, you need to choose a broker who will serve us as an intermediary in entering the stock market. There are a lot of offers on the market. I described the topic of choosing a broker in great detail in this article. Stocks traded on the forex market are also represented in large numbers by brokers.

How to trade stocks?

We are not going to actually buy stocks, we are going to make money on the difference in the price of a security that arises over a period of time. That is, we open a speculative transaction to buy or sell. If we think that the price of the stock will rise, we open a deal to buy, if it falls, then to sell. In margin trading in stocks on the stock exchange, we have more options to earn, so we can make a profit both in a growing market and in a falling one. Let’s take a look at forex stock quotes and select the stocks that we are going to try to trade with and look at their chart.

Timeframe selection and start in trading

Stock speculation within the day provides only a basic analysis. The larger the timeframe, the more thorough the analysis of the corporation and the industry in which it is located should be. It is also necessary to evaluate the liquidity of the shares, which is determined by the volume of trading. You need to look at the movement of the stock for several months, or even several years. It’s better to choose stocks of the company whose activities you are familiar with. It is better not to consider risky securities, this is a lot of professionals. Try to open a chart for any of the tools and see how it changes; for example, I opened a chart of stock quotes FB (Facebook).

The choice of timeframe is an extremely extensive topic, and if I go deeper there, I get another article 🙂 Therefore, I highly recommend that you study the great analysis of my colleague on the forex blog – Timeframe forex chart: the key to all doors.

Labor Market Will Point Forex Way

The release of data on the US labor market leads to sharp movements of currency pairs on Forex

For two decades, during which I have been monitoring financial markets, the report on American employment has regularly been one of the key events of the week. On the one hand, it looks logical, because investors are closely watching the Fed, and the central bank has a double mandate. His tasks include both inflation control and unemployment control. On the other hand, the reaction of markets to employment significantly exceeds their sensitivity to inflation and is comparable to the reaction to the publication of FOMC meeting minutes or at a press conference with Fed chairmen. What is the matter? Are investors putting unemployment higher than inflation?

The fish is looking for a place deeper. We will gladly exchange work for a higher paying one, investors will carry money to where you can earn more. Where higher interest rates. Their value depends on the actions of the central bank, so it is understandable why speculators carefully monitor the monetary policy of the Fed. Its tightening helps strengthen the dollar and vice versa. Task number 1 – to understand the motives of the regulator. At first glance, this is not difficult. The higher inflation will climb, the more likely it is to see higher than currently the federal funds rate, US Treasury bond yields, and the USD index. The problem is whether the Fed sees the acceleration of consumer prices as a temporary phenomenon or trend. In the first case, it will tolerate inflation above the target of 2%, in the second it will turn a blind eye to criticism of the president and will continue to normalize monetary policy.
The labor market report helps answer the burning question. According to the Phillips curve, the lower unemployment falls, the higher consumer prices are at risk. The logic is simple: if the economy has more employees, their total income grows, which allows us to count on an increase in costs and an increase in prices.

Reality is often different from theory. If in the 1990s and 2000s, the decline in unemployment was accompanied by accelerated inflation and vice versa, then in the 2010s the situation changed radically. The reasons should be sought in the use of new technologies that allow employers to save on wages, in the process of retiring the generation of baby boomers (those who come to the place of old employees are usually paid less), as well as in the distortion of financial markets under the influence of the Fed’s quantitative easing programs.

The task of forecasting inflation using the analysis of labor market conditions has become much more complicated. As a result, the Phillips curve comes under fire, but it still continues to work. And if the Fed forecast for 3.5% of the unemployment rate in 2019 is realized, then the CPI and the federal funds rate will continue to rally. Another thing is whether it can provide support to the dollar? A hint will be made … by a report on American employment! The dynamics of non-farm payrolls clearly tracks economic cycles. Slowing the indicator signals the approach of a recession, its departure to the red zone – of a recession.

Thus, a steady increase in employment outside the agricultural sector amid a further decline in unemployment is a strong argument in favor of continuing the normalization of the Fed’s monetary policy, which should be considered as a “bullish” factor for the US dollar. Another thing is if non-farm payrolls start to slow down, which will be evidence of the imminent completion of the economic cycle. And in such circumstances, the “American” should be sold.

Forex Stock Market Part 2

Short-term trading monitoring

When speculating in stocks, you need to analyze information from professional magazines, get acquainted with analytical reviews, read reports on industrial capacities, the introduction of innovations and the price of securities for at least the last few months. It is advisable to study the activities of not one corporation, but several from one industry at once, so that you can choose the best of the best stocks. It is better to be a professional in one industry than to have a vague idea of ​​a number of industries, which is unlikely to help assess the position of the company. It is necessary to monitor events that may affect the value of the security. Suppose, if after the introduction of an innovative project in a corporation, the value of its securities increased by 1/10, then we should expect an increase in shares in the price in the future. If a list is compiled with all economic indicators,

With short-term trading, traders try to earn more than lose. It is possible that this approach may be effective for you.

Medium-term trading

In speculation, when positions are kept open from several days to weeks, a thorough analysis should be carried out. This includes a graphical and news analysis of stock prices over the past year, taking into account the opinions of serious experts and such economic indicators as quarterly income, dividends,% of shares with the management of the corporation, liquidity, company debts, the ratio of the market price of the stock relative to the base.

Positional trading

In this case, in addition to surface monitoring, which is needed for short and medium-term trading, it is advisable to conduct a thorough fundamental analysis. Positional speculators are interested in a balance sheet, which indicates the price of structures, monitoring income reports and much more. It is necessary to assess profitability.

How to trade stocks on the stock exchange for beginners

Many traders love to go “dear to dissidents,” but this behavior is rarely effective in the stock market. A stock market is more easily predicted than a currency or commodity market. If the stock price is constantly growing in price, then you can wait for the moment of correction (rollback of the price down), and then buy it before the moment the price goes up to new heights. Let me give you an example, Facebook shares are constantly growing, with any growth there is a correction, this is our opportunity to make a profit.

On the chart above, I noted the points of corrections before the subsequent growth in an ever-growing market. That is, if we open a deal to buy shares at the moment of formation of the lower part of the “checkmark” and close it at the peak of growth, then we will profit. A similar situation can be found on the Apple stock chart.

What stocks are best to trade? From 20 to 50 dollars

It is in this price range that stocks of growth are most often found. If the market is “overheated”, as it is now at the beginning of 2018, it is more difficult to find shares that would go up actively than, for example, in 2009. Often, stocks of the innovation sector are growing rapidly in price. Shares of Internet companies can also quickly grow.

Do not forget that even an expensive stock can go up in price – higher and higher. Very expensive stocks can instantly fall in price due to the fragmentation of the business. So, it is better to bypass securities that cost a lot of money.

There is a special tool for selecting stocks for trading – the Stock Screener, which is an automated tool that allows you to correctly select stocks of companies according to your own filters. Competent selection of stocks for trading is a fundamental factor in the success of trading in the stock market. You can set the necessary parameters, for example, determine growing stocks over the course of several years, set the return on investment, and so on. I use the free Finviz service. For example, to determine growth stocks, we set the parameter EPS growth past 5 years (growth of stock profit over the past 5 years) and EPS growth next 5 years (growth of stock profit over the next 5 years), in the output we will see all growth stocks, of which there are a considerable number. Also in the filter, I set the shares of the largest corporations by capitalization, traded on the US stock exchange NASDAQ.

Overview of cryptocurrency applications for iOS and Android

Cryptocurrency applications for iOS and Android: functionality, advantages, types. Overview of the best cryptocurrency apps for iOS and Android

Tell me, could you imagine the present life without a computer and gadgets? Life has become so active and diverse that without a mobile device you cannot take a single step. Tablets, smartphones are our reliable helpers, wherever we are. Thanks to them, we are always up to date with the news, we are always in touch and can earn money or learn something almost anywhere in the world where there is the Internet. But for any gadget, you need applications that would be the link between the user and the operating system. In this review, you will read about the best cryptocurrency applications for iOS and Android: their types, capabilities, advantages and the rules for working with them.

Overview of iOS and Android applications for cryptocurrencies

Our world has become so high-tech that we can hardly imagine it without our indispensable electronic digital assistants. Looking up from a stationary computer, we take with us tablets, smartphones, e-books – everything that will be useful to us on the road, in moments of expectation or on vacation. Mobile devices help us to be in touch all the time, even where there is no electricity, to monitor the current situation, read news and even earn money. And even if there is no Internet, mobile devices can serve as a reliable safe for storing information and more. In today’s review, you will learn about what cryptocurrency applications are for iOS and Android mobile operating systems, what functions, tasks, and capabilities they have.

Best cryptocurrency apps for iOS and Android

Cryptocurrency applications for iOS and Android are programs designed specifically for these operating systems, taking into account the convenience of the interface, menu, usability, cross-browser compatibility, adaptability. They can also be installed on stationary computers if this is provided for by their functionality. They can perform various tasks, ranging from specific (specialized) to full-featured versions of individual programs.

Features and functionality of cryptocurrency applications for iOS and Android:

  • Conducting fully functional trading. This opportunity is provided by mobile applications of cryptocurrency exchanges (for example, Binance, Bitfinex) or brokers (for example, LiteForex). Compared to direct trading on the exchange from a desktop computer, some functions may be limited. But the existing set is enough for buying and selling coins, depositing and withdrawing money.
  • Acting as a classic pocket exchanger.
  • Monitoring the cryptocurrency portfolio: tracking cryptocurrency rate changes in iOS and Android, tracking the rates of one cryptocurrency simultaneously on different exchanges, viewing the history of changes, monitoring statistics and news. That is, the role of an analytical tool.
  • Adaptation of the device OS to the functionality of exchanges. Only large exchanges have mobile applications for trading (and not all of them). There are applications that allow you to connect through the API and execute transactions. An example of such an Android application is ZTrader, which supports trading on 17 leading cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Cryptocurrency storage. Cold wallets are mobile apps. They are considered one of the most reliable storage options after hardware counterparts. Some applications allow not only storing coins but also making payments for goods and services with their help.
  • Data protection.

Some applications are designed to perform only a few specific functions. For example, informing the investor about places where they accept cryptocurrency or an application that acts as a social network. Applications for buying cryptocurrencies on iOS and Android act as a link between the user and services (exchanges). Supporting applications are designed more for comfort and practical benefit than for trading and investing. The best applications for cryptocurrencies iOS and Android:

  • Coinbase ( iOS, Android ). One of the most popular services for trading Bitcoin, which was developed by the exchange of the same name. Only 3 coins are available for trading: BTC, ETH, and LTC. According to the developers, the application has even more diverse functionality than the exchange. It is possible to purchase cryptocurrency by credit card payments or by bank transfer (ACH, SWIFT, SEPA, PayPal cards).
  • LiteForex mobile trading ( iOS, Android ). A broker application that enables margin trading (speculative buying or selling) for more than 20 cryptocurrency pairs. Of the broker’s mobile applications, this is what has the largest set of cryptocurrencies for trading. Convenient deposits and profit withdrawals, clear functionality for trading, support in many languages. You can always start with a demo account.
  • Blockfolio ( iOS, Android ). A professional application for monitoring an investment portfolio consisting of many cryptocurrencies. It will be useful to those who work on arbitrage strategies while earning money on pumps and intraday trading. Here you can do tracking of the course of about 800 cryptocurrencies in iOS and Android, form the value of the user’s current assets. The arsenal of the application has powerful analytical and graphical tools to help monitor the dynamics of quotes. It is possible to program the service to collect news in the form of a convenient selection from specific sources.
  • Coin Tracking ( iOS, Android ). A serious professional analytical tool that allows you to create complex investment portfolio charts, allows you to calculate realized and unrealized profits, calculate the tax base (unless, of course, someone wants to be conscious and share profits with the state). Subscription required.
  • TabTrader ( iOS, Android ). A free trading platform that provides access to sites such as Bitfinex, Bittrex, Huobi, Bitstamp, Huobi, Kraken, Coinbase. There are relatively few cryptocurrencies in the arsenal – only top coins, as well as Namecoin and Stellar. It is possible to receive online news from Reddit, Coindesk.
  • Bitcoin Map ( Android ). This application tells the user where to sell or buy goods for the PTS. It is an interactive map with a list of outlets with a built-in converter (calculator).
  • Bitcoin Ticker Widget ( iOS, Android ). An application for the cryptocurrency course for iOS and Android, which involves the creation of widgets in different styles (multiple widgets can be installed depending on the number of coins). It is a regular exchanger that supports several dozen cryptocurrencies, but convenient for the user in terms of visual presentation of information.
  • Xapo ( iOS, Android ). A multi-currency mobile wallet that allows you to conduct exchange operations with cryptocurrency. It features convenience and a high level of security, has its own debit card, which allows you to pay for purchases in stores and the Internet, withdraw money from ATMs around the world.
  • BitBuds Mingle ( Android ). This is a kind of social network for those who specialize in trading specifically military-technical cooperation. It is a multifunctional platform where you can not only communicate and create themes but also upload photos, share files.
  • Lawnmower ( iOS, Android ). Analytical service for viewing statistical charts, market data, news. There is an opportunity to invest money. Despite the fact that the application is criticized, it will be interesting to those who are just starting to deal with the application and cryptocurrencies.
  • Earn. com ( iOS, Android ). An application that is an analog of cranes. Here you need to be a professional in the field of cryptocurrencies and answer questions. There is not much money to earn here, but as an option for a vacation, it’s quite even. You can withdraw money only in the MTC through a Bitcoin wallet or through the Coinbase exchange.

And a few words about the rules for using cryptocurrency applications for iOS and Android:

  1. Safety comes first! Don’t forget about two-factor authentication to protect wallets for iOS and Android. Do not write passwords on the device itself, as it can be lost or cracked. But keep in mind that in the event of a password loss, it is not always possible to recover it even with a Seed phrase. In addition to the password, set the fingerprint recognition of the owner.
  2. Consider the ability to remotely remove all information from applications.
  3. Be careful when downloading and installing iOS and Android cryptocurrency applications from unverified sources. It is better to use applications recommended by startup developers (indicated on some sites). Do not open unfamiliar links and files to avoid hacking application accounts with a virus or phishing.
  4. Do not neglect antiviruses. Not so long ago, the Cooee application was discovered in the Google Play Store, which is a game with the built-in JSMiner virus. When the application starts, the Monero hidden mining process is automatically started. Antivirus software options: Avast Mobile Security, KIS.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a cryptocurrency wallet security process for iOS or Android, which involves the need to provide two types of authentication for entering an account. Security levels – a personal password and a unique code generated by the application. A six-digit code is generated every 20 seconds. Therefore, even after gaining access to it, an attacker simply will not have time to use it without access to a mobile device. Therefore, protect your wallet and trade Forex from your phone in any place convenient for you.

Types of applications for securing your account using 2FA:

  • Google Authenticator ( iOS, Android ). A standard application that is installed first of all, if there is a cryptocurrency wallet binding to the phone. The generation of codes does not require an Internet connection, the application supports several operators and accounts. It can be automatically configured using a QR code (need a camera).
  • Authy ( iOS, Android ). An improved version for two-factor authentication, but so far, has less distribution than Google Authenticator.


This is not the whole list of existing mobile applications for cryptocurrencies for iOS and Android. Developers do not stand still, offering traders every month something new, unique and even more convenient. And let the world of mobile devices and applications never replace full-fledged stock trading or Forex trading, smartphones, tablets and other devices of this class are reliable assistants to a professional investor anywhere in the world. If you know and use other interesting applications for cryptocurrency trading on iOS or Android, share your experience with blog readers in the comments.

Forex Stock Market Part 4

We put on a sell!

In mutual funds, there is a group of traders who always play sell. Often, bears do not bring any income to the fund, but during the collapse of the market, they compensate for the huge losses. These speculators are looking for a “defense gap” in a particular company and put it on the collapse of stocks. During a falling market, such specialists are indispensable. However, they are also needed during a bull market, because even then bear market phases appear.

It is not advisable for an average trader to play lower if the market is growing. It is much more reasonable to take a bullish position in a growing market, and a bearish one in a falling market.

If you are melancholic, then you need to know about your character, not to panic and not to put all transactions on the sell. It is necessary to find the right approach and objectively assess the situation. If you are a mutual fund manager, then you need to identify pessimists among traders and invite them to find another job. There are many people in the world who believe that everything will collapse soon. From such speculators only harm. If you are prone to melancholy and mood swings, then work on yourself.

Fear Bear Markets!

If you look at the stock charts of the year and think that it was easy to get rich there, then you are mistaken. The falling stock market is very difficult due to a tick up. The bull market is relatively simple – it is growing with small price rebounds. And the falling market is making huge pullbacks, and it is very difficult to resist without losses at this time.

If you stand in a bear market without loss, your name will be carved in gold letters on Wall Street. At least that’s what stock speculators joke about. And, of course, you will certainly get rich in the new bull stock market. But then you can not overload the account and act at random.

And the markets are getting old

No matter how long the bull market lasts, the time will come for a recession, and perhaps a global crisis. The higher the stock charts rise, the greater the fall and panic. Crises happen about once every 5-10 years. But it may also happen that in 15 years there will not be a single serious crisis. And yet: markets are aging. Typically, a crisis begins when hydrocarbons are very expensive. In 2007, oil prices rose above $ 146 per barrel. Many experts said that a crisis is imminent. True, not everyone listened to them. However, there are a lot of bells and whistles when someone unreasonably panics and talks about the coming end of the world. Now oil is in the middle of its range. Although, not necessarily a crisis should begin due to the high price of oil. It can crush the market and the banking sector, which distributes loans left and right, and then can’t get the money back. The high cost of shares of Internet companies at one time also damaged the stock market, which collapsed.

Case study: McDonald’s or Boeing?

Securities price in January 2018: McDonald’s – $ 173, and Boeing – $ 317. What stocks to trade and which ones are better to buy? The practice has shown that during the 2008 crisis, McDonald’s shares did not fall as actively as Boeing shares. It follows that the probability of repeating the previous scenario is high. Boeing shares are now quite expensive.

The paradox of the stock market lies in the fact that the expensive one rises in price even higher, and the cheap one decreases in price.

Of course, this does not always happen. Stocks that have risen too high above the price base are dangerous to buy.

It is better for a trader to buy not one share, but several, and then buy more and more as the price rises. In this case, one must not forget to put stop orders at the break-even level.

Forex Trading – Creative Process

We continue to study the features of using the trading system “Two screens of graphic models”

Achieving convergence zones identified through harmonious trade is an optional condition for using the “ Two screens of graphic models ” system. If you use the price action, you are aware of all the advantages of trading at two-time intervals and are purely psychologically ready to implement such a golden rule as “ keep losses low and let profit grow ”, you will always find an opportunity for effective entry into the market.

In a previous article, I talked about an explosive mixture in the form of a combination of the “ Three Indians ” and 1-2-3 patterns, which with high probability predicts a reversal. Let me remind you that harmonious trade is based on the principle of changing the direction of price movements with a high degree of probability when reaching the convergence zone. This allows you to combine the two techniques and expand the boundaries of the application of the trading system “Two screens of graphic models”. If you expect the above combination of patterns to form on the daily charts, then if you have confirmation signals, shift your attention to a shorter time interval and start looking for an entry point.

So on the USD / JPY chart, the inability of the bulls to move the pair quotes above the level of 88.6% of the wave 1-2 of the 1-2-3 pattern became the first sign of their weakness. Given the previously formed “Three Indians”, it could be assumed that the yen is ready to turn against the US dollar and move to a smaller time frame. In general, as my practice shows, the assault on the levels of 78.8% and 88.6% is an extremely important event from the point of view of revealing the correlation of the strengths of “bulls” and “bears”.

On the USD / JPY hourly chart, price action fans simply found the head and shoulders reversal pattern. Its constituent elements are “Shark” and one of the models of harmonious trading based on 1-2-3 (“Gartley”, “ Crab ”, “ Bat ” or “ Butterfly ”). The latter allows you to identify targets, however, in the case of the trading system “Two screens of graphic models” this is unprincipled. The targets in it are placed on a larger time interval.

Head and Shoulders on the USD / JPY hourly chart

The following is a search for entry points to a short position and placement of a stop order. In our example, a break in the neckline of the Head and Shoulders pattern or its retest would allow the formation of shorts. A protective stop is near the maximum swing and is equivalent to 35 pips.

Strategy “Two screens of graphic models” on the hourly chart USD / JPY

Placing targets on a larger time frame allows you to increase the profit factor and, with effective strategy development, make good money. However, to use the golden trading rule “keep your losses low and let your profits grow” you need to be prepared psychologically. The increased risk of lost profits forces not only private traders but also hedge funds to exit transactions. In the USD / JPY example, a short position target is placed near the convergence zone. It allows you to identify the “Gartley” pattern.

The Gartley pattern on the daily USD / JPY chart

The ratio of potential profit to loss exceeds 8 to 1. With this profit factor, the probability of positive transactions can be even less than 50%, but this will still make money. In my opinion, the use of the Two-Screen Graphic Models trading system makes it possible to think logically and turns trading into a creative process. This is important, as the routine following of signals quickly bothers.