Where to buy and how to store NEO

1. Exchanges

Despite the relatively large drop in the price of NEO, it still remains interesting for investors and the delisting of exchanges does not threaten it. Trade turnover is relatively evenly distributed, although after investors disappointed, it shifted slightly towards the Binance exchange, which now accounts for about 34-36%. You can buy NEO only for BTC or USDT. In second place is Bitfinex with 7-8%, where the token is sold for cash US dollar and Japanese yen. HitBTC is on the third place – about 6-7%.

According to CoinMarketCap, the coin is listed on more than 100 exchanges, but it only trades more than 40 in real trading. Of the most exotic pairs with NEO, TKY, NKN, GAS (third-tier cryptocurrencies), Indian rupee, South Korean won and etc. True, the turnover for these pairs is less than 1%, but nevertheless, this is an indicator of multinational interest in the platform.

And if you look at the share of NEO in the turnover of Binance, then the picture here is not rosy – only 17th place. Moreover, the coin is inferior to tokens with much less capitalization.
If NEO is at least stably in the TOP-20, then its accompanying cryptocurrency GAS is not even included in the TOP-100. With its value at a historical maximum of more than 70 dollars. In the USA, today the price is a little over 5 dollars. The United States and more than 50% of the turnover are on the OKEx exchange. Why such a difference in capitalization is difficult to say.

2. Wallets

Again, it is worth recalling that storing cryptocurrency on exchange wallets carries risks. If you lock your account or steal coins, you will not be able to prove whether there was actually a hack. While the safest option is cold and hardware wallets. Unlike one of the EOS competitors, which launched the first wallet only 2 months ago, NEO has more than a dozen of any type: desktop, mobile, hot, hardware.

The main differences between wallets in one category are the following:

  • Functional. For example, the NEON Wallet wallet allows you to get free GAS.
  • Order of setting. In the simplified version (NEO Tracker), the setup does not require knowledge of the code, suitable for beginners. Other versions require more complex full synchronization with NEO.
  • Compatible with browsers and wallet languages.

The general principle of setting up wallets: download the application from the NEO website, enter your password, download Keystore (key storage file), copy the secret key and then proceed according to the individual instructions for the wallet.

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